The formula for success for many small business owners, leaders and managers is the very thing that is holding their organization static. To reach your ultimate potential, you must overcome the temptation of settling for average performance, average profits, and average market share.

The Awake Consulting & Coaching Team has developed a relevant, practical and dynamic training opportunity incorporating the best discoveries in recent research along with their experience leading and working with leaders across the country. What if you could start on this path to improved results…right now?

The Wide Awake Leadership Workshop offers a clear process to employ at any level that will take your leadership, team and business to a whole new level. One participant stated, “it was the most transformative experience in my life as an entrepreneur.

You Will Discover

The type of leadership required to reach your ultimate potential.
Who should be on your leadership team, and who should not.
How to get a grip on the current reality of your business.
What you must be doing with your time to lead in a focused manner.
How to market your breakthrough idea.
How to create a culture that executes at all levels.

How to consistently move from average to excellent and apply the learned concepts over and over again.
The Wide Awake Leadership Workshop will dispel many of the myths on what it takes to make significant improvements to your business. This workshop will also provide a specific process for taking your leadership to the next level. Exceptional long-term results are achieved when the processes and skills acquired during our workshops are combined with one-on-one Awake coaching partnership.

Additionally, we can tailor our workshops to suit the needs of your team and organization to give you the confidence that will move you in an excellent new direction.